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Thank you for visiting my website, I assume you are looking for dove cote plans?


I was recently looking all over the internet for a set of dove cote plans myself and found it exceedingly difficult to find a decent set of plans everywhere. It seems the new designs are more contemporary and the free dovecote plans are very poor.


I decided the best way to go about building my dovecote was to visit the library and get as many pictures as possible (surprisingly Google didnít return many images). I then used these images to develop a basic dovecote design, I even considered just buying a dovecote Ė but they are so expensive and plus I wanted the satisfaction of building my own.


I hadnít built anything for years but eventually managed to get the main body of the dove cote built and then decorated the rest with ledges, windows and some decorative beading.


Since then I have reworked the plans many times and I have managed to create my own dove cote plans, my plans include a feeding table, and have enough room for 3-4 pairs of doves. The design retains the traditional majesty associated to dove cotes, but the steps are so easy to follow.




I have received many nice comments over the years and have even been asked to make a few more for friends, family and the occasional passer by.


You can purchase these dove cote plans very inexpensively from the home page. I hope you enjoy your dovecote over the years to come. There is also a nice picture for you to look at.


All the best J






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