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My dovecote sits happily at the end of my garden and it doesn’t cease to amaze me how it has become the talking point of my home. We recently had a lovely young couple move into our neighbourhood, upon inviting them in for a cup of tea we found ourselves sitting in the garden admiring it for hours.


I built my dovecote a few years ago using a set of DIY dovecote plans I downloaded from the internet. Dovecote plans can be very difficult to find, I searched for hours after visiting a dovecote garden with my wife a few weeks earlier. I started with a set of free DIY plans that I found on google and was sorely disappointed by the poor designs and complicated diagrams.


Many of the newer dovecote designs look nothing like a traditional dovecote and more like cheap bird houses. It became apparent that a single pair of doves wouldn’t stay very long, especially when they start nesting. After a lot of trawling I managed to find an excellent set of DIY dovecote plans on , they were very inexpensive and the finished dovecote design looked delightful.



It was big enough to house 4 pairs of doves and the DIY plans included a tiled roof, which is an intrinsic part of an authentic dovecote , they even included a feeding table. The construction part was very well explained. I hadn’t built anything with my own hands for several years and I was honestly a little worried if I could get back into the swing of things.


The dovecote plans explained everything very well with numerous labelled diagrams and step by step instructions. I finished construction in about 3 days using standard household tools, perhaps I could have finished in a weekend but I spent a while warming to it. The roof was the most demanding part of construction – taking an entire day, but it is defiantly one of the focal features and worth the effort.


I finished my dovecote in a clear varnish for the rustic look, although the dovecote plans explain how to paint and protect the wood. We now have 2 pairs of doves who visit on a daily basis and my wife and I often spend time in the garden enjoying the view from our chairs.


I decided to make a second dovecote for my daughter’s anniversary, she had visited our home a few times and loved it. She actually thought we had purchased it pre-assembled; they were quite shocked when I revealed I had made it myself. I looked around on the internet for a different set of plans so I could give her something unique, £40-£50, and several refund requests later I decided to stick with the original plans.


What I really loved about is the dovecote plans are adaptable for easy modifying and allow for adjusting portions of the dovecote design. I wanted it to look really special and found the templates included in the plans allowed for easy and repeatable modifications. I changed the shape of the dovecotes doorways and feeding table along with the decorative edging on the bottom of the barrel and by then end of everything it only took 2 days!



If you are looking for a good set of DIY dovecote plans I stongly suggest you visit first. I wasted so much time trying other websites and free plans, but honestly I couldn’t have done such an excellent job without them. I even referred the new couple in the neighbourhood to the website and they loved the plans too.


I hope you found this article useful; building my own dovecote following these DIY dovecote plans has brought me years of happiness and rekindled my passion for carpentry. All the best.





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