Dovecotes for Sale

There are very few places left with dovecotes for sale, a simple Google search will reveal, these once sort after majestic birdhouses are becoming more and more difficult to find.


Prices for a typical dovecote range between £150 - £250, however as they become more and more difficult to find their prices continue to rise. A recent dovecote sale in Suffolk, England saw a traditional style dovecote carved from a single piece of oak sale for £1450 in auction.


At this prices its no wonder people are turning to more contemporary style birdhouses, sadly they are barely big enough to house garden doves and they lack the grand charisma and authority symbolised in the traditional dovecote design.


For me building my own dovecote was the only option, I rarely settle for second best and a few books on dovecote design and decorating really helped me along the way. I have since built several different styles of dovecote and have even put several dovecotes for sale on the internet in an effort to rejuvenate the passion that once existed for the magnificent designs at traditional settings.



It was big enough to house 4 pairs of doves and the DIY plans included a tiled roof, which is an intrinsic part of an authentic dovecote , they even included a feeding table. The construction part was very well explained. I hadnít built anything with my own hands for several years and I was honestly a little worried if I could get back into the swing of things.


The dovecote plans explained everything very well with numerous labelled diagrams and step by step instructions. I finished construction in about 3 days using standard household tools, perhaps I could have finished in a weekend but I spent a while warming to it. The roof was the most demanding part of construction Ė taking an entire day, but it is defiantly one of the focal features and worth the effort.


I finished my dovecote in a clear varnish for the rustic look, although the dovecote plans explain how to paint and protect the wood. We now have 2 pairs of doves who visit on a daily basis and my wife and I often spend time in the garden enjoying the view from our chairs.


I decided to make a second dovecote for my daughterís anniversary, she had visited our home a few times and loved it. She actually thought we had purchased it pre-assembled; they were quite shocked when I revealed I had made it myself. I looked around on the internet for a different set of plans so I could give her something unique, £40-£50, and several refund requests later I decided to stick with the original plans.


What I really loved about is the dovecote plans are adaptable for easy modifying and allow for adjusting portions of the dovecote design. I wanted it to look really special and found the templates included in the plans allowed for easy and repeatable modifications. I changed the shape of the dovecotes doorways and feeding table along with the decorative edging on the bottom of the barrel and by then end of everything it only took 2 days!



Although I donít sell many dovecotes these days I have created a simple and easy to follow set of plans that will make building your own dovecote an enjoyable experience. I have tried to keep within the original dovecote architecture and design and have included a shopping list to ensure you can build your dovecote very inexpensively and to the high standards you would expect.


You can visit my website at: If you are interested, from time to time I include pictures of recently built dovecotes and occassionaly list any dovecotes I may have for sale.


I hope this article has been useful and you are able to find a dovecote you can enjoy over the years to come.





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