Dovecote Birdhouse

Dovecote birdhouses have been popular in England for hundreds of years and recently their elegance and majesty has been sweeping the world. Traditional English designs are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and New Zealand, with several companies producing these traditional dovecote designs on a large scale.


The traditional dovecote birdhouse differs from “bird houses” in their traditional design, grand scaling and English heritage. Although today dovecote birdhouses are more popular in their smaller more decorative form these ornamental birdhouses still encompass features reminiscant of their larger counter parts. The most popular dovecote bird house designs today include several openings to compartments designed for garden doves to enter and use as a nesting area. They are unique in character and often come complete with tiled roofing and feeding tables.


Sadly despite the growing popularity of the distinctive designs of decorative dovecote birdhouses they are becoming increasingly expensive to purchase in their finished form. Companies have limited their inventories and are offering limited designs to customers. Conventional bird houses seem to be taking over. There is a genuine fear that an important part of English heritage may be lost.



Although not so readily available in their finished form traditional dovecote birdhouse designs are available on the internet for budding carpenters to download and use as they please. I personally opted to use the dovecote designs to make my own dovecote for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one and I was pleasantly surprised.


Of the many companies now offering dovecote birdhouse plans to download from the internet is my favourite. They offer a beautiful traditional design complete with templates which makes building very easy indeed. They also include a tiled roof in the design together with compartment dividers and a feeding table. Perhaps the best part of all is the complete shopping list of materials which makes buying wood for your dovecote birdhouse very easy and inexpensive. I would recommend this fantastic guide to anyone interested in building a dovecote bird house, even if you are considering buying a Dovecote bird house I would recommend building your own for a fraction of the cost.


Dovecote birdhouses make a lovely addition to any garden and mine has personally brought me many evenings of joy and relaxation. It would be sad to see such a beautiful part of English heritage die away. I hope this article has been useful for you and you also enjoy your dovecote birdhouse as I have.


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