Build a Dovecote

Do you want to build a dovecote? I once searched the internet for hours trying to find a good set of dovecote plans that I could follow using normal household tools while meeting the traditional dovecote design.


I was originally planning on purchasing a dovecote but they are so rare and becoming more and more expensive, that I finally decided I would build my own dovecote.


Although I did manage to find a few good plans on the internet they were fairly expensive, often £20+ and the free dovecote plans were very poor and often resembled simple birdhouses. I turned to the library and managed to dig up a few good books, without getting too much into the history of dovecotes I will just say that I was amazed at there majestic designs and intricate detailing. In an attempt to copy a few designs I had managed to find I ran into several problems. I found many of the dovecotes were very large and difficult to scale down, further more I just couldn’t figure out a list of materials and templates were not available anywhere.



I started building dovecotes in my spare time with the limited knowledge I had managed to accumulate. I eventually managed to perfect the design and build a dovecote that was simple to put together and looked just as regal as the traditional designs.


The dovecote hadn’t stood in my garden for more than 2 weeks before I started getting comments about it. The neighbours loved it and asked where they could find a similar dovecote to add to their own gardens. They made lovely comments about the craftsmanship and often admired the view out of their windows after the garden doves had moved in.


I decided to write a simple set of plans for my friends and family so they too could build their own dovecotes. The plans are easy to follow and come complete with the templates and shopping list you will need to get the job done inexpensively and to a good high standard. It was one of the most satisfying feelings I have had in a long time, I rarely build something with my own hands anymore but once I had completed my first dovecote I decided to continue building more and more. I have since sold dozens of dovecotes on the internet and given a few to friends and family.


Building your own dovecote is very inexpensive and easy, my guide “how to build a dovecote” is designed to walk you through the process step by step and comes complete with all the information you will need. You can have a look at

I hope you have as much enjoyment as I did when building my first dovecote and I hope it brings you as much pleasure standing in your garden over the years.





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